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We are moving to the new Web site at, please book mark this new web site address. We are deleting this old web site ( very soon. Any new query for new basic course, please go to the new web site for further information. Thank you.


Training Courses:-
Taiji Basic Course(5 steps body relaxing exercises & 37 steps short form conducted here at 432 Balestier Road #03-444 Public Mansion, Singapore 329813

Taiji Basic Course is once a week,there are different classes on every Monday to Friday evening & 8:30pm to 10pm and Sunday morning 8:30am to 10am, no class on Saturday, Public Holiday and our Society stated rest days(one week before and one week after 1st day of Chinese new year).

One time purchasing of "T" shirt of S$13 upon registered. Monthly tuition fee is S$40. Payment to be made every 3 monthly(S$120).

Any inquiry for this basic course can e-mail to and we will inform you the start date of the basic class.

Our Facilities:-

Big open shelter hall with mirror at three sides, well ventilated & not affected by rain & shine

Another big hall

Cushion on the wall for push hand training

Other training facility


一. 松身五法
二. 太极拳(短架三十七式)
Basic Course:
1. 5 Steps Body Relaxing Exercises
2. Taiji Quan 37 steps

一. 手杖
二. 太极棍
三. 太极刀
四. 太极劍 

Routine (Weapon):
1. Walking Stick
2. Long Stick
3. Sabre
4. Sword

一. 传统杨式太极拳(长架一百零三式)
二.  八步莲 
三.  基本推手對练
四.  三丰快拳
五.  一零八散打对练

Routine (Others):
1. Yang Style Taiji Quan 103 steps
2.  Ba Bu Lian
3.  Basic Push Hand Pair Training
4.  San Feng Kuai Quan
5.  108 sparing pair training

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Singapore Thai-Chi Society
As the Society is a non-profit organization, a minimum charge is levied on the members to defray the essential expenses such as the utility bills.



Our Thai-Chi Society

432 Balestier Road, #03-444 Public Mansion, Singapore 329813


Tel: 62509706 (Please take note that we do not have full time staff to work here, so please call only when there is training session, i.e. 8:20pm to 9:45pm during week days and 8:20am to 11:30am on Sunday, no training session on Saturday & all public Holidays & 7 days before Chinese New Year and 7 days after Chinese New year).

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