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We are moving to the new Web site at, please book mark this new web site address. We are deleting this old web site ( very soon. Thank you.

Our Objects(宗 旨 ) :-
The Society aims to: 本 会 旨 在 :                         
- carry out an in-depth study of the principles of taiji;进 行 深 入 研 究 太 极 拳 原 理  ;                          
- promote the arts of taijiquan; 提 倡 及 发 扬 太 极 拳 技 能 ;                          
- enhance a healthy body and mind ; 促 进 身 心 健 康 ;                          
- foster friendship amongst the members.
联 络 感 情 .                           

Becoming a Trainee and subsequent a Member:-
We are always looking for people interested in joining our organization.                            
Traineeship and Membership of the Society is open to any adult who is interested in taijiquan and who is prepared to abide by the rules and regulations of the Society. Any interested individual may apply to be a Trainee first by submitting the prescribed Traineeship application with the requisite Tuition fee which will be refunded should the application is rejected.                           
An application for traineeship and subsequent accepting as a membership will be considered by the Committee of Management. The applicant will be informed in writing of the decision of the Committee.                           
No person can be considered as a Trainee or Member of the Society prior to receiving the approval of his application for Traineeship or accepting as member by the committee in writing and paying the monthly fee.                           
A minor may apply to be a Trainee of the Society with the consent of his/her parent or guardian in writing.

An entrance fee is payable by any person who has been approved by committee to be a member of the Society.
A monthly subscription is payable by every member of the Society.
A tuition fee is payable by every trainee or member who attends tutorial classes conducted by the Society's instructors. The fee payable will be that decided by the Committee of Management.
The Committee of Management may increase or reduce the entrance fee, monthly subscription, tuition fee and/or impose any other fee as it deems fit.

Benefit of Taijiquan:-
Taijiquan is a form of martial art. However, unlike other form of martial arts, the practitioners are expected to be generally of good health and fitness. Taijiquan, on the other hand, only requires one's complete relaxation and undivided concentration. The movements of Taijiquan are to be slow and relax. It emphasizes that we use our mind to lead our Qi(internal energy) to all part of our body. With constant practice, it can help to improve our metabolism, blood circulation and ease constipation. In addition, regular practice of Taijiquan enhances every aspect of our bodily functions. Undoubtly Taijiquan is good and suitable for the youngs, the olds, the weaks and the strongs and of course for you!

There are three reasons to practice Tai Ji Chuan. 
1. As a physical exercise that goes beyond the development of strength, endurance and speed.
2. As a martial art where yielding is the central principle and the offensive force is returned to the offender.
3. As a system of psychological and spiritual development which centers on the concepts of balance, naturalness and passing beyond all concepts.
All three utilise the method of refining through strengthening and quieting, the body, energy(Qi), and the mind. This producing an alignment with the sport which generates its own individual path.

Chinese New Year Celebration group photo-17-2-08

Singapore Thai-Chi Society
As the Society is a non-profit organization, a minimum charge is levied on the members to defray the essential expenses such as the utility bills.



Our Thai-Chi Society

432 Balestier Road, #03-444 Public Mansion, Singapore 329813


Tel: 62509706 (Please take note that we do not have full time staff to work here, so please call only when there is training session, i.e. 8:20pm to 9:45pm during week days and 8:20am to 11:30am on Sunday, no training session on Saturday & all public Holidays & 7 days before Chinese New Year and 7 days after Chinese New year).

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