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We are moving to the new Web site at, please book mark this new web site address. We are deleting this old web site ( very soon. Thank you.

Master Huang Xing Xian Vs. Liao Kuang Cheng part 1

Master Huang Xing Xian Vs. Liao Kuang Cheng part 2

Master Huang Xing Xian White Crane Demo

Master Huang - San Fong Fast Fist

Master Cheng Man Ching

The more "Sung", the more easier to find the center of balance.......

Master Huang Pushing Hand Demo

Huang Tai Chi Malaysia - Miri

Huang Tai Chi - Malaysia - Tenom

Huang Tai Chi - Malaysia, Melaka - Teh Pek Chin

Huang Tai Chi Association

Huang Tai Chi - China, Shenzhen

Sing Ong Tai Chi - New Zealand - Yek Sing Ong

Tai Chi Aotearoa - New Zealand, Auckland - Wayne Duncan

Tai Chi School of Central Equilibrium - New Zealand - Wee Kee-Jin

No Name Taiji - Europe, Australia, NZ - Patrick Kelly

Tai Chi Planet

A huge list of links to tai chi websites and related information


Singapore Thai-Chi Society
As the Society is a non-profit organization, a minimum charge is levied on the members to defray the essential expenses such as the utility bills.



Our Thai-Chi Society

432 Balestier Road, #03-444 Public Mansion, Singapore 329813


Tel: 62509706 (Please take note that we do not have full time staff to work here, so please call only when there is training session, i.e. 8:20pm to 9:45pm during week days and 8:20am to 11:30am on Sunday, no training session on Saturday & all public Holidays & 7 days before Chinese New Year and 7 days after Chinese New year).

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